Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tim Wise Connections


As I watched the radio interview with Tim Wise I totally saw a connections between what Tim was saying and Lisa Delpit's view of the culture of power. Wise was saying that just because Barack Obama won the presidential election does'nt mean that the United States is racist free. He says that Barack's win counts as a win agaisnt racism 1.0. He describes racism 1.0 as basic bigotry. Wise believes that Barack won because he was an educated black man. He says white people in society can get away with being  mediocre and therefore white presidents can get away with being mediocre presidents.White people can be very articulate of really stupid and they still have a shot at president. Colored people are put on a pedestal when they are try to get into power positions.
This reminds me of the culrue of power because Barack Obama had to be the culture of power in order to become president. Wise explains that a mediocre black man could not become president and he goes on to say that their that plenty of intellegent colored people, but they may have a different style than Barack. Barack Obama's style is very "culture of powerish". Some colored people's style may not be as "culture of powerish" therefore they would not appeal to the average American. Wise believes that the only way we will be able to tell if racism is cured is if we see a mediocrely intellegent colored person become president.


  1. After learning about the culture of power, I can see how you make the connection between that and Obama. I never looked at it like that but you are right. Obama had to understand it and be apart of it in order for the majority of the voters to like him.

  2. I completely agree with your connection to Culture of Power and I think im going to use your blog in my post...hope you dont mind :)