Sunday, April 3, 2011

Single Sex schools


This week I'm posting about single sex schools. When I google searched "single sex schools" the big question seemed to be which was better, coeducational or single sex schools? After alittle research I found out that there have been numerous studies done to answer that question. This Website argues that students in single sexs schools learn better that students in coeductional schools. however, the website suggests "It's not sufficient just to put girls in one classroom and boys in another. In order to improve academic performance and broaden educational horizons, you'll need to understand the subtleties of gender differences in learning."

In this video Dr.Leonard Sax also makes the arguement that single sex schools are better.
I don't know how I feel about this idea. I can see how "theoretically" it might makes sense that boys and girls would learn differently, but most of the reseach suggest (like the woman says) there isn't much difference. Also I think the idea's that Dr. Leonard has seem alittle "out there", like the fact that he believes that boys learn better standing up and at aproximately 20 degrees celisus. I don't first I though that it was a seems kinda weird...


  1. Boys learn better standing up? Eh, I guess. I have to keep moving my legs around, so standing might be a good idea. I prefer to stand rather than sit, given the choice.
    I thought the main difference in learning had to do more with hands on versus theory or something similar.

  2. In my research I learned that at a young age, boys need more breaks in learning to get up and move around, so I can see where all this is coming from. However this is really prevalent in kindergarten and elementary school. Plus, I feel like single sex schools really mess up social interaction.

  3. i agree with heather on the social interaction comment. also i feel that boys and girls learn off of each other because of their different learning habits. a male can look at a problem or project and think of one way where as a girl might not know how to go about it and vice versa.

  4. I compeltly agree with learning and standing up because ever since changin my major to physical education all we do is move around and i feel i can understand things when i am moving around rather than standing up.

  5. this is really interesting!! i totally agree with heather i think it messes things up!